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It’s still odd to me to see my last name on people other than my family. Then, I remember that Bryant is an uncommon last name.

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  • Anonymouswww(.)facebook(.)com/media/set/?set=a(.)10152227899663877(.)1073741946.246150708876&type=1 I didn't think you made a post one about this yet but if you have then sorry. What do you think??
  • fuckyeahballpythons

    Yeah, I’ve kind of stayed away from posting about the Micro Scale because I’m honestly a lot less excited about it than the Scaleless Heads from BHB. 

    The Micro Scales NERD’s produced so far have had really strange scalation that kind of makes me concerned about them and whether or not they’ll turn out to be viable in the long run. I mean, they Scaleless Heads are just missing some scales and are otherwise normally scaled but the Micro Scales have deformed belly scoots and some unformed openings for the heat pits. Personally, these features just don’t instill me with a lot of faith. 

    I could be wrong but I don’t think that I’d ever be investing in a Micro Scale just based on the appearance because I don’t find these features appealing even if the end game is a fully scaleless animal.


    Micro Scale belly shot. (Image source)

    Unformed heat pit openings on upper lip. (Image source)

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    What the fuck are these breeders doing to these snake’s genetics holy shit

    I don’t know what ball breeders are thinking anymore.

    Hyper typing is a problem in practically every bred animal. Something comes out with a new mutation and as long as they haven’t just dropped dead of it in the egg some jerk is gonna try to get it to breed true.

    Ball pythons are just the most popular snake and they’re on a constant “find the next hot morph” treadmill. 

    Look what breeders have made of the english bulldog. 

    Oh god, so many feelings about how dogs are bred to sickening extremes. Really don’t want to see balls there in that position, but you never know. Already hear about some lines being more prone to disease in balls, so that is just great. Poor animals. :(

    I don’t know if that’s necessarily something that’s just an issue in the BP world though. It certainly looks more prominent in the BP world because it’s a very very large part of the hobby but not tracking lineage, not working with animals over generations, high rates of turnover of animals from breeder to breeder, no standardization or documentation, these are huge issues that are found all over the reptile hobby. The only group of people I can think of who consistently even bother with pedigrees are GTP breeders. 

    The reptile hobby really needs to make some major shifts as a whole because I see this behaviour rampant in every species to some extent. I mean, people just think it’s a matter of keeping the bad morphs out but I honestly can’t even see the point of that if no one is bothering to document their animals and their lineages. I mean, I have spent  a lot of time inquiring with Retic keepers and a lot of these people cannot provide any history for these animals or any guarantee that the animals are sound or even have any heritage with the island/localities they are being represented as. So like I said, no one fucking documents their animals. Know one knows what’s in those animals’ heritages.

    If reptiles are headed in the same direction that dogs are headed, I won’t disagree that BPs will probably go there first but I don’t think that anyone can make the argument that the reptile hobby on a whole is not making the same trajectory. :/

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My fellow lushes! TIME TO CELEBRATE!


America is now the number one consumer of wine, we are now out drinking France! VICTORY IS OURS!!

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